Manuals and toolkits (2)

Below is a list of the manuals and toolkits used by CARE Rwanda and CARE International for the instruction guidance of staff and partners and the implimentation of their models.

This toolkit was created by CARE Rwanda in collaboration with the European Union and the Government of Rwanda in order to provide a guide for the 'Nkundabana' Community Mentorship model for CARE's OVC Program. The model has elements of support and skills that help merge and consolidate the other aspects of the OVC Program and its projects. 

In this way, the toolkit provides specific lessons, activities, and implementation aspects for the mentoring model so that it can be efficiently used in communities, resulting in the most effective outcomes. Consisting of a step-by-step guide, institutional framework for implementation, and an evaluation approach to monitor the model's progress, the toolkit is an instrumental feature to ensuring the sucess of the 'Nkundabana' model and the OVC project. 

For further information, please see the attachment for the complete toolkit. 

This manual, developed by CARE UK, is an introductory 'toolkit' to the approaches, techniques, and additional resources to help CARE and partner staff think through how to integrate advocacy and policy-making into their work. It brings together all the tools and tips for successful advocacy and gives advice on influencing the EU, UN, and national governments. 

This toolkit is a useful reference to dip into ahead of meetings when planning strategies, writing publications and blogs, and creating events.

For further information, please see the attachment of the complete toolkit.