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Domitilla at her new spot in the market
Domitilla at her new spot in the market

MUKABAHIZI Domitilla: The Bread Winner of Her Family

As reported in a previous economic growth report in August 2011, MUKABAHIZI Domitilla is a member of the Abizeranye VSLG in Nyanza district, Ntyazo sector, Bugari cell, Rugarama village. She is married with 5 children.

In April 2010, she joined the Abizeranye VLSG and started to save 100 Rwandan Francs per weeks. After three months, she obtained a loan of 5,000 RWF to reinforce the commerce of beans, her usual business. Every market day, which was twice a week, she earned a benefit of 1500 RWF and used the remaining money of 1,000 RWF to satisfy household needs since her husband was too sick to work. She reimbursed the loan within one month and got a new loan for 6,000 RWFs. With her previous savings, she made a capital of 9,500 RWF and then extended her business by adding some kilos of maize and sorghum to her sells. After 2 months, she saved 12,000 RWFs and bought a goat. 

At the end of August 2011, she paid back her second loan and received a third one for 30,000 RWF in order to increase her business. Her business was growing substantially as well as her self-confidence in the fact that she could support her family sololy. With this boost of confidence, she joined the small traders' cooperative in Ntyazo market. She paid all required shares to the cooperative and in turn benefited from a more comfortable place in the market.

Due to this, she earned between 5,000 and 7,000 RWFs per week as interest. From this activity, she acquired 2 goats, health insurance for all the family, school fees, new dresses, and rennovations for her home. She also was able to pay for the medication and gastric operation at the Kigali Hospital for her husband. Now, he is feeling better and she has bought him a sewing machine to start his own business.  

In April 2012, the Abizeranye VSLG has been linked to Vision Finance Company and Domitilla took a loan of 100,000 RWFs and started to move from a simple retailer to wholesaler. She is now selling beans, rice, maize, sorghum, and peanuts. She has a stock for wholesale in the market and another for retail at home. She is very happy and testifies to the success of the VSL project and how it has improved her life, her family's lives, and her relationship with her husband. 

  • PublicationDate: 1 Dec 2012
  • Author(s): CARE Rwanda
  • Related Programs: Vulnerable Women Program
  • Related Projects: VSL Scale Up
  • District: Nyanza
  • Media Type: Document
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