Sustainable Access to Financial Services for Investment Project

Sustainable Access to Financial Services for Investment Project

More Thoroughly Bringing Financial Services to Communities 

In collaboration with CARE International Rwanda's Social Change for Family Planning Results Initiative (RI) project and as a platform for integrated programming for CARE's Village Savings and Loans (VSL) methodology, the Sustainable Access to Financial Services for Investment (SAFI) project seeks to help reach a wider group of vulnerably financial people who lack access to financial assistance. Through penetrating the targeted community more thoroughly, SAFI's objectives aim to improve access to financial support, development sustainable linkages between financial institutions and VSL groups, and facilitate learning and knowledge of management in the VSL groups themselves and in the greater community. The project uses identification and training of community 'peer educators' and establishing 'change agents' out of the group of 'peer educators' to help facilitate discussions and awareness within the community where VSL has been working. The lessons learned from the project's implimentation will help bring knowledge to local and national leaders on the efforts, achievements, and solutions to enduring problems and challenges so that the growth of healthy and financially stable families in vulnerable situations and communities may be maintained.


For further information, please see the attached document. To learn more about the models used for this project, please see the Models page.

Project Achievements

Since the SAFI has been completed, the achievements of the project have established peer educators and change agents into VSL groups such that they extend transformative critical reflection, dialogue, and action deeper into the community for sustainable change. A cadre of religious leaders is now actively supporting community members to make informed choices about their families. And lastly, family planning and other health services are now available to communities previously unable to reach quality services.

Project Info

  • Start Date: 2009 January
  • Donor: Government of Canada and MasterCard Foundation
  • Program: Vulnerable Women
  • District: Gatsibo


Models used:

  • Village Savings and Loans
  • Case Management and Grassroots Activism
  • Community Score Care