Indashyikirwa Project

Indashyikirwa Project

Champions of Change

The Indashyikirwa (meaning "champions of change" in kinyarwanda) project aims to change community social norms and behaviours that perpetuate gender inequality and gender-based violence (GBV). 

Despite Rwanda's strong policy and legal framework for gender equality and the fight against GBV, rates of violence, including intimate partner violence, remain a serious problem throughout the country. To address GBV, a transformative process of social change towards equitable gender power relations and non-acceptance of GBV is required. 

CARE Rwanda, the Rwanda Women's Network (RWN), and Rwanda Men's Resource Center (RWAMREC) have developed the Indashyikirwa: Agents of Change project to facilitate a process of social change at the community level that ultimately seeks to prevent GBV.

The project uses a synchronised approach, including the SAA Model, to bring about sustainable social change through the engagement of men and women, boys and girls at the individual, family and community levels. 


  1. Women, girls, men and boys are empowered and experience positive behaviour change
  2. Families enjoy positive relationships and equitable gender power dynamics
  3. Communities actively engage in and benefit from sustainable social change to prevent and respond to GBV
  4. Strengthened evidence base for community prevention and response for GBV

Using VSL groups as an entry point, individuals are supported through a process of behaviour change to then promote change at the family and community levels. Community spaces are also engaged to promote women's collective action to demand accountability from local authorities and opinion leaders on their commitments to promote gender equality and prevent GBV.


For further information, please see the attached document which is the pre-test, working draft of the couples curriculum for the project. To learn more about the models used for this project, please see the Models page.

Project Achievements

The project's achievements a reached by it's motto of SASA! 

SASA! means “now” in Swahili and also stands for Start, Awareness, Support, Action, is an approach successfully used by CARE:

  • START: Individuals and communities begin thinking about GBV/HIV issues
  • AWARENESS: Raise awareness of how communities accept men’s use of power over women
  • SUPPORT: Support women, men and activists involved in GBV prevention
  • ACTION: Take action with the community to prevent GBV 

The approach has helped facilitate men, women and couples to become local activists who advocate within their community for gender equality and support for women’s rights

Project Info

  • Start Date: 2014 July
  • Program: Vulnerable Women Program
  • District: Bugesera, Gatsibo, Karongi, Kayonza, Musanze , Nyamasheke, Rubavu, Rulindo
  • Number of beneficiaries: 250,000
  • Partners: RWAMREC & RWN


Models used:

  • VSL Model
  • Community Score Card Model