Who the OVC Program is for

Who the OVC Program is for

Below are synopsises of the specific sections that help define who the OVC program is for. For further information on the sections, please see the attached document.

Our impact group

CARE's programs are built around a specific poverty-affected and vulnerable impact group. CARE Rwanda has identified two impact groups it wants to work with: vulnerable women (VW) and orphans and vulnerable children (OVC).

The OVC program specifically focuses on:

  • Children under 5 years of age
  • Adolescent boys and girls (10-18 years old)
  • Girls
  • Children without adult support
  • Children affected by abuse, neglect, and/or exploitation
  • Historically marginalized children 

Geographical focus

CARE's OVC program focuses on the whole of rural Rwanda. Having a national focus does not mean that we allow ourselves to be superficial in our work. The OVC Program entails a commitment over a long time period, and CARE Rwanda remains dedicated to achieving real and sustainable change where it works.

Within this section of the document you can read more details on the rationale behind this nation-wide focus.