Why the VW Program?

Why the VW Program?

This program shows CARE Rwanda's commitment to make lasting change in the lives of the vulnerable women because we believe that change is possible. Women are disproportionately affected by poverty and vulnerability and, at the same time, have the power to help whole families and entire communitites escape poverty. Why the VW Program explains the background to our commitment for each section from our program approach and situation analysis to the Government of Rwanda's policy framework. 

Please see the attached document for further information on each section.

About CARE and its program approach

Through Vulnerable Women's program, CARE Rwanda and its partners support vulnerable women to claim their rights and take their place as active, empowered citizens. Our situation analysis has shown that women in Rwanda are more likely than men to be poor or otherwise vulnerable. For this reason, CARE Rwanda has decided to adopt the objective to improve women's lives, to ensure that women can live in dignity and enjoy their rights. 

But there is more. We believe that the answer to development at the community level lies with women. Evidence from a number of sources, as well as CARE's analysis of the underlying causes of poverty across its programs around the world, overwhelmingly demonstrates that gender discrimination - or the denial of women's basic human rights - is one of the major causes of poverty. CARE International's report 'Strong Women, Strong Communities' (2010) says: "Women's empowerment can help overcome global poverty. Poverty is the result of powerful social structures that marginalize and exclude entire groups of people. CARE is part of the growing consensus - along with practitioners, governments, and academics - that believes increased and better targeted investments in women and girls will advance the effort to end global poverty."

Situation analysis

The rationale for choosing vulnerable women as our impact group is based on the fact that in Rwanda, women are often more poor and vulnerable than men.

This part of the document provides a general country context of Rwanda, highlights the key manifestations of poverty and vulnerability of women, and explains the underlying causes that CARE Rwanda has identified and aims to address through its program.

Government of Rwanda policy framework

CARE Rwanda's work is informed by the Government of Rwanda’s policy context. This policy context is known to be gender-sensitive, and CARE wants to build upon this existing strength and, at the same time align, its work with existing efforts to help the Government of Rwanda to achieve its ambitious gender-related objectives.

This section outlines a number of policy documents that are key to the VW program. Other laws, policies and strategies that are relevant to specific pathways are referred to in their respective pathway.