Cherie Blair Foundation Site Visit

On July 3rd, 2015, CARE Rwanda's partner the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women visits CARE Rwanda and selected VSLGs in the Rulindo district which the Foundation is helping fund. 

The VSLG visited is called EJOHAZAZA HEZA, meaning bright future. The group has 30 members comprised by 27 women and 3 men. The basic share was one hundred Rwandan francs which the increased to currently two hundred Rwandan francs. The social contribution was initially 20 RWF but presently is 50 RWF. Current savings are 838,250 RWF,  amount in the bank on the group account: 609,760 RWF, Loans: 105,100 RWF, caisse: 123,390 RWF. The group started by 30/6/2013 and the next share out was planned to take place by 29/6/2015. The group is located in Kiziranyenzi village, Bugaragara cell, sector of Shyorongi and district of Rulindo. One of women entrepreneurs member of the group will also be visited.

For further information on the visit, please see the attached agenda and brief for the Foundation's visit. 

  • Attendees:

    Cherie Blair Foundation Representatives

  • Start Date: Friday, 03 July 2015
  • End Date: Saturday, 04 July 2015
  • District: Rulindo
  • Location: Hotel Urban, Kigali & Rulindo District
  • Event Type: Donor Visit
  • Event Partners: Cherie Blair Foundation and related partners to the VSLA project